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We are pleased to announce that the next yoga seminar of the International Open Yoga University will be held from August 11 to 13, 2017.

Friends, each of you knows how much personal presence in the cloud of like-minded people means for the yogis and yogis of our school.

Yes, in general, this is how the whole of human society works, for each of us it is important to communicate with people who share our views and lifestyle. Such communication inspires and provokes the active development of our personality.

Plan your trip in advance for your convenience.

The seminar will present a rich program of lectures on the most burning and always relevant topics related to yoga. Questions of philosophy and psychology, intersecting with the knowledge of yoga as a system of self-knowledge, will be touched. The most important issues of yoga teaching in the modern world will be discussed. Many teachers, students of the University of Open Yoga will perform.

Remember! Nothing speaks of yoga excellence more than the habit of practicing daily!

Of course, we will practice! The program includes daily practices of 7 types of yoga:

  • Hatha yoga. Teaches us to separate the real from the false.
  • Mantra Yoga. Increase and consolidate knowledge.
  • Pranayama Yoga. Strengthens our energy.
  • Artha Yoga. Will expand understanding of cash flow and teach how to manage it.
  • Nidra Yoga. Strengthen the power.
  • Meditation. Will expand the possibilities of consciousness.

As always, during the entire seminar, accommodation was arranged according to wishes, accommodation with children, 3 meals a day.

Summer is a great time to be outdoors as often as possible. Inhale the fertile air of coniferous forest, enjoy the birds singing, away from the busy city, feel the silence of the heartbeat of nature itself ... All this awaits us at the summer seminar!

Do not forget that everyone who is interested in yoga can attend the seminar. We will be glad to welcome everyone to join our little yoga vacation in the suburbs!

See you, friends!

Watch the video: Summer Solstice Yoga, Journaling, Meditation - Live Workshop (April 2020).

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