Musical and artistic performance "Live now"

October 13, 2017Calendar of events
Tverskaya street, 21
2500 rub.

On October 13, for the first time, the “Live Now” unique musical and artistic performance will take place in the “Classical” hall of the State Central Museum of Contemporary History of Russia. The organizers are the Center for Film Festivals and International Programs, the Italian Institute of Culture in Moscow, the State Museum of Modern History of Russia and the Russian Academy of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture Ilya Glazunov.

The name "Live Now" was not chosen by chance, since both musical compositions and paintings will be devoted to one topic - the spiritual healing of man and the sacred values ​​of our lives - Love, Faith, Good. The art of talented performers and artists calls for the knowledge of good and the discovery of new worlds that are beyond time and space.

The music program will feature the holder of two master's degrees with honors, one in physics, the second in music, a virtuoso pianist, composer, conductor Cristiano Tiozzo. Over the years of his musical career, Cristiano has performed at the most prestigious theaters in the world, such as Carnegie Hall in New York, Komitas Hall in Yerevan, and many others.

Cristiano Tiozzo, without any preparation, will go out to the piano and play what comes to him here and now, taking the audience with him to that mysterious world that lives in our hearts. His Music immerses the audience in a deep unconscious, in which we can meet with ourselves unknown, open up to the Grace of the Virgin Mary’s Love and travel through magical worlds in which everything is possible, where the Miracle of Life lives, a life-giving source that makes the impossible.

Cristiano’s music helps to plunge into the depths of his inner world, go beyond the mind, feel touch to his soul. Most listeners note that during and after his concerts there comes a feeling of fullness with something bright, pacifying and harmonious. As Cristiano himself says, “Music has amazing power because it affects the emotions, mind, body and soul of a person. It opens people’s hearts and helps connect with its true nature.”

Cristiano's eclectic experience and training with the best masters of the world in classical music, jazz, blues and Indian classical music led to the development of his unique improvisation style unique to him. Each time, going out in front of the public, he follows exclusively his intuition, playing what comes from above. Feeling and transmitting through the music the innermost essence, the thrill of the soul, indescribable in words, on any given, inspiring topic.

For many years Christian played a variety of music. First in the Catholic and Protestant churches of New York. Also Afro-Cuban music, blues, pop, rock, jazz, music of Jewish traditions, classical music. He studied Indian classical music. For many years he played Gurdjieff's music, which absorbed the music of the East, Caucasian dances, and the motives of the Armenian church. All these directions are now reflected in his melodies, creating a unique effect of the whole orchestra playing.

During the concert, the rarest icon of the Mother of God from the collection of the Academy of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture of Ilya Gazunov will be exhibited, the acting person will tell about it Rector of the Academy, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation Ivan Glazunov. And it is to her that the improvisation of maestro Cristiano Tiozzo will be dedicated.

The artistic component will be represented by graduate works by students of the Russian Academy of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture Ilya Glazunov, who will leave the Academy for the first time and will be exhibited in the halls of the Museum of Contemporary History of Russia. The exhibition will last 3 weeks and end on November 5, continuing the cycle of events dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the revival of the School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture, in which such masters as Alexei Savrasov, Apollinarii Vasnetsov, Mikhail Nesterov, Isaac Levitan, Konstantin Korovin and other greats studied and worked Russian artists.

We invite you to plunge into the transforming world of music by Cristiano Tiozzo and painting by the best masters of Russia.

The beginning of the music and art concert 19.00.

Tickets can be purchased by clicking on the link.

And here you can try the effect of the music of Cristiano Tiozzo

P.S We recommend listening to music with headphones and eyes closed.

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