Night Moon Gong Meditation

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December 25th
23:00 - 05:00
2500 - 3000 rub.

There is no asana like Siddhasana, no Kumbhaka (a way to hold your breath) like Keval, no Laya (dissolution) like Nada (in the inner sound). Swatmarama, Hatha Yoga Pradipika (1.45)

Dear friends, on the eve of the New Year on the full moon, we are happy to invite you again on an exciting night trip to the mysterious world of colorful sounds and silence!

The miraculous effect of sounds on the mental and physical state of a person has been known for a long time. Meditation on sound, sound massage rightfully occupies one of the main places in the healing practices of ancient cultures. For the first time, the unique influence of sounds on the soul and body of a person was mentioned in the ancient Indian scriptures - the Vedas. Contemplating the sounds of a gong, bowls or other authentic musical instruments, a person resonates with them and gains the ability to distinguish subtle vibrations within himself. Dissolution in these sounds eliminates the vibrations of the mind and leads to liberation.

This time we have prepared for you a unique combination of vibrations of the planetary gong of the PAISTE company, transmitting the frequencies of the fiery planet Mars, which represents energy, action, desire, assertiveness and strength, as well as a specially selected set of singing bowls that immerses you in a meditative state and provides a soft harmonizing effect on the body, mind and soul.

To fine tune the perception of sound and eliminate unnecessary tension before a meditation session, you will find a small warm-up consisting of HaTha Yoga exercises and Kundalini Yoga breathing practices. Then you will plunge into the ocean of relaxation with the help of Yoga Nidra - a special meditative practice that will allow you to formulate your firm intention to "sankalpu" for the next year.

It was not by chance that we chose the time for practice, because the end of the year is the most successful moment for summing up the intermediate results and setting new life goals, and the full moon is considered the most favorable time for calm contemplation and meditation.

Come and immerse yourself in the amazing atmosphere of harmony, beauty and peace of mind!

Seats are limited, reservation is required.

Please bring comfortable clothes, a blanket, a pillow or a cushion under your neck.

The program of the seminar:
HaTha Yoga
Kundalini Yoga Respiratory Practices
Yoga Nidra with singing bowls
Meditation with a gong and singing bowls
Sadhana at 5:00 (optional)

Watch the video: Full Moon Gong Meditation- Best Quality Gong Bath - Wear Headphones (April 2020).

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