"Power Yoga for weight correction", a seminar with teacher Gangeyan

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April 30
Kerala, Michurinsky Prospect, 3
1200 rub.

Power yoga includes strength training and mental concentration necessary to maintain complex asanas for a long time. This practice is ideal for those who monitor their weight. Practitioners of primary and intermediate levels of power yoga should do after consultation with a doctor.

Gangeyan is a hereditary yogi. He began practicing yoga in early childhood with his father, who became his first guru. After leaving school, he studied yoga and naturopathy at the Federation of Alternative Medicine in New Delhi (India) for three years. Then he completed a basic yoga course at SVYASA Yoga University in Bangalore. Further training took place in the ashram of Sivananda, where for more than two years Gangeyan introduced the ascetic lifestyle and improved his yoga skills. For more than 10 years he has been teaching yoga in various organizations, in hospitals and yoga centers. At the Kerala Center, Gangeyan teaches hatha yoga, power yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga and other areas.
One of Gangeyan’s favorite areas is power yoga (power yoga), in which he is considered an unconditional expert.

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