Intensive dance yoga with Katarina Jiva

calendar of events
the 13th of November
19:00 - 22:00
2900 - 8900 rub.

Mid-November, when wind and rain test us for resistance ... we are waiting for a real celebration of body and soul! The goal of this intensiveness is to give you simple practices for every day, learn to feel your body and keep in touch with your natural primitive feminine power. All classes include the practice of female integral yoga and an individual approach to all participants.

Sacred Tribe is an authorial technique combining yoga practice and dance class., allowing each woman to maximize her true nature, to find a beautiful, healthy and graceful body, inner harmony, joy, to reveal her creative abilities.

Yoga carries the Yang, masculine aspect of energy - logical knowledge, clarity of form, discipline, responsibility, structure, statics. Dance, on the contrary, is an aspect of the Yin, female nature - fluidity, mobility, amorphousness, intuition. A competent combination of these practices gives the most complete result.

The intensive program includes 5 workshops:

November 13, 19:00 - 22:00 Earth and flame
This class will be dedicated to the dances of the people of Africa. Turning to the origins, we will learn how to move the hips, like real Africans, we will work out the first chakra and open the resource to our inner strength of the primitive woman’s archetype, we will get rid of the fear of being sexy and learn to accept the beauty of our body!

We will learn to feel the muscles of the pelvic floor, we will learn special exercises to strengthen them and consciously work with them.
Setting the day: Communication with the Earth, the study of fears and basic survival programs.

November 14 11:00 - 14:00 Strength of Shakti
Analysis of a set of exercises for every day, aimed at deep study of the abdominal region, abdomen and activation of the vital, vital center, mulabandha, udiyanabandha.

We will continue our lesson in dance and master the “belly roll” technique, how to alternately reduce the muscles of the upper and lower press, rifts, tension and relaxation, as well as isolating the pelvic muscles from the diaphragm. The development and regular practice of this complex will help to get rid of toxins in a short time, heal and energize the whole body as a whole, as well as help you learn to own the abdominal muscles and make its shape beautiful.

15: 00-18: 00 Snake plastic
Preparing the body for deep deflections and the correct technique for entering them. You will learn about the importance of the correct implementation of the deflections with the subsequent deepening in the details of the disclosure of the thoracic and sacral spine. As part of the lesson, the deflections of the First and Second Series will be analyzed.

The dance part will be devoted to the basics of Belly Dance and Tribal Fusion. This lesson will reveal to us the true essence and meaning of all female sacred dances. We will work out the plasticity of hand movements, the technique of turns, penetrations, overlays ... And then, we will combine them into choreographic compositions that will teach us to fill in and beat all the space, not to “stick” in one place.

We will also master the “fast-slow” technique, where the rhythm dictates changes in mood, from intense movements to smoother ones, from momentum to point. Setting the day: Disclosure of sexuality, creativity, female power. Studying and removing blocks associated with emotions of anger and dissatisfaction.

November 15 11:00 - 14:00 Daikini Dance
We will analyze in detail the technique of post isometric relaxation stretching, which will help you quickly and longitudinally sit on the longitudinal and transverse twine. Good stretching is a very useful property for people of any age. It significantly improves the entire work of the immune system, stabilizes pressure, improves the menstrual cycle, prevents varicose veins and is certainly necessary in natural childbirth, as the flexibility of the hip joints increases. From preparing the body through the practice of yoga asanas to complex plastic elements, we will go on to dance, and using the example of choreographic bundles, we will analyze the various options for including deflections, sculptural temple poses, yoga asanas, and spectacular falls in the stalls. You will need: kneecaps, a rug for yoga and an irresistible desire to go beyond the comfort zone!

15: 00-18: 00 Grace and beauty
Deep study of the hands, the disclosure of the chest meridian, mobility of the shoulders and shoulder blades. The disclosure of the ujuya-pranayama technique, the importance of its application, both when performing asanas and in a separate, self-sufficient practice, and then the application of these techniques in the rhythm of Tribal Fusion Belly Dance.

Setting the day: Emancipation, combining all the elements together, letting go of thoughts, feelings, emotions and the body moves in one stream of rhythm and music. At the same time, without losing grounding, and consciously observe, learn from your body, here and now.

This year Katarina Jiva will hold the only intensive in Russia!

Cost of participation:
5 workshops 7900 p. up to 25.10 / 8900 p. after 10/25/9400 on the day of the event, subject to availability;
1 master class 2900 p. up to 25.10 / 3400 p. after 10/25;
1 day (Sat or Sun) 4900 p. up to 25.10 / 5400 p. after 10/25.

Registration of participants

Watch the video: Yoga Dance Free Flow (April 2020).

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