Yoga Beauty Days: Devote Your Weekend to Yourself

April 22-23, 2017Calendar of events
Moscow, Bolshaya Novodmitrovskaya St., 36

Always be beautiful and well-groomed, fun, fulfilled and inspired. We girls have many tasks. And where to get the source of strength and inspiration? How to do everything? Sometimes you need to allow yourself to be a girl to arrange days of relaxation, enjoyment and beauty!

We have created such days for you - Yoga Beauty Days! In them we have collected all the "girls of joy." We want you to forget about all things for two days and devote the weekend only to yourself. You will find a rich program consisting of yoga, meditation, master classes and lectures about everything that interests modern girls.

In yoga and meditation classes, lectures and master classes, you will learn:

  1. how to make the body strong, beautiful and flexible
  2. how to care for your face and maintain youthful skin
  3. how to eat harmoniously and intuitively
  4. how to open your heart and voice
  5. how to maintain beauty and health in a big city
  6. where to get energy and strength
  7. how to calm the mind and achieve total relaxation

Lectures, practices and master classes will be held by:

  • Alyona Vorobyova
  • Valentina Ivushkina
  • Tatyana Patratskaya
  • Julia Tea
  • Max Kirichenko
  • Ana Shane
  • Galya Yanovich
  • Anastasia Naumova
  • Elina Ivanova
  • Marina Kruglova.

At the end of the second day of YogaGong Studio Victoria Yarovoy will hold a gong meditation.

In the beauty bar you can do:

  1. natural makeup and stylish hairstyle from L'Oreal Paris
  2. breathable manicure from ORLY
  3. Miami Tattoos Yoga Set Transfer Tattoos
  4. express spa hand care from Phyt's

At Organic market you can buy:

  1. practice clothes from FV Sport
  2. Organic cosmetics of our partners: Pebbles and Galysh - a family brand born of a love of the natural beauty of a woman who knows how to love herself and take care of herself, Royal Balanced Balinese oils, which contain only natural extracts of herbs.
  3. wholesome food: freshly prepared muesli Barbarum, vegan and raw food dishes, natural desserts and healthy drinks of the Taste & Color project.

And more pleasant surprises! You can:

  1. enjoy one of two classic procedures performed by the Kerala Ayurveda and Yoga Center: head or arm massage.
  2. take a Rosen therapy session (worth a try!). This type of work with the body is useful for those who want to find a great connection with their body, establish a dialogue with themselves through awareness of their body, for those who are experiencing certain difficulties in life, experiencing stress, fatigue or tension.
  3. get advice from practicing Jyotish astrologers, students of the International School of Vedic Astrology Rami Blackt.
  4. pass a tasting of juices, smoothies and mashed potatoes prepared using juicers from our partner Scarlett, as well as attend a master class from expert on healthy lifestyles Ekaterina Gavrilova.


You will leave the event filled and inspired, beautiful and well-groomed. What else is needed for happiness? Is that a favorite girlfriend for the company :)
Ticket price:
1 day - 3800 rub.
2 days - 5500 rub.
If you buy a ticket before April 20, then a surprise awaits you
by promo code - surprize

The ticket price includes:

  • all lectures, practices and master classes of the program
  • beauty-bar: manicure, styling, makeup, massage
  • astrological forecast

Do not delay the purchase, during the days of the event the cost of tickets will be higher and there may be seats!

Watch the video: Dedicate - Day 6 - Core. Yoga With Adriene (April 2020).

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