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Every year, residents of megacities have to spend more and more effort to stay healthy. The unfavorable ecology of the city, a high level of stress, noise, vanity, nerves - all this affects the state of the body and eventually threatens with serious problems. The statistics are scary: in terms of air pollution, Moscow has been in the sad top-20 of the most disadvantaged cities in the world for several years. The number of oncological diseases is one of the first places in the country. However, it is possible to confront this harsh reality, and the first thing you should think about for your own longevity is nutrition.

According to scientists, the quality of life and health is at least 80% dependent on the diet. If a day you eat at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables, eat varied, choose healthy and seasonal foods - you can assume that your diet is the best prevention of typical diseases of our time. But how does an average resident of a megalopolis eat? Usually - on the run, often - junk food, and he hardly remembers the taste of real, non-plastic, vegetables and fruits. Yes, and most have no time to go to markets and supermarkets, and meticulously choose products.

Therefore, the company "Ekomarket" set a goal - to give the inhabitants of the big city what they lack most: high-quality, healthy and environmentally perfect products. After all, with the help of food that grew under the real sun, did not know synthetic fertilizers and was carefully delivered to the plate, you can influence your health. Such products contain more nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants, which together serve as the prevention of many serious diseases.

The philosophy of the online store of environmentally friendly products "Ekomarket" is nothing harmful, only real products, what they should be. Unlike a regular supermarket, on their website you don’t have to look for a special section “healthy eating.” Here all products - from meat to berries - do not contain harmful additives, are grown ecologically and lovingly, and are also carefully packed and delivered to Moscow.

Ecomarket online shelves do not and will not have products containing dyes, preservatives, antioxidants, stabilizers, emulsifiers, flavor and aroma enhancers and other harmful additives. A resident of the metropolis is already constantly experiencing the adverse effects of the external environment, and attacking the body with toxic or even conditionally safe, but dubious substances from the inside means undermining its vitality.

The company is proud not only that it offers its customers the most juicy and ripe fruits and vegetables, fresh dairy products and meat, excellent groceries, but also its service. People who want to lead a healthy lifestyle and not spend all their free time on it, easily realize their desires with them. It is easy to choose the right products - unlike a regular store, the buyer does not have to study the origin and composition, because here they guarantee its purity. You can make your order in just a couple of minutes. And, most importantly, carefully packed products do not have to wait long - the courier will deliver the purchase to any end of the city in a maximum of 90 minutes.

How is Ekomarket arranged?

The store not only does not hide the origin of the products that it sells, on the contrary, they are so proud of them that they are happy to tell who, how and where has grown berries, fruits, vegetables and meat for you. Assured reliable suppliers help ensure consistent high quality. Meat, poultry and dairy products provide their farms in the Kaluga region and in Tver. They buy fish and groceries from worthy reliable domestic and foreign companies with which they have been cooperating for many years. Fruits and vegetables come to Ekomarket from domestic fields or by plane from other countries. For example, plums, apricots and peaches are delivered directly from Armenia. Large blueberries - direct flight from the Netherlands. So, you can guarantee the quality and freshness of each berry.

But it’s not enough to carefully deliver the products to Moscow - experienced experts scrupulously analyze each shipment of goods, each fruit or vegetable, and reject what does not meet high quality standards.

The third level of inspection is waiting for goods in the warehouse, where specialists take samples of freshness, analyze the chemical composition to ensure their environmental cleanliness. If the nitrate content is higher than normal, the products are returned to the supplier, and if the story repeats, then the cooperation ceases.

The fourth stage of quality control is carried out during the assembly of the order for the client. Here, all responsibility lies with the expert and supervisor Kirill Chistyulin - he ensures that the order is assembled in the best possible way and the buyer receives products of perfect freshness.

The company believes that it is important not only to deliver quality products to people, but also to bring them quickly and accurately. Many companies underestimate the profession of a courier, but at Ecomarket they are sure that the representative of the company depends on how their representative looks, speaks and makes decisions. Therefore, they strive to ensure that the person who delivers the order and directly contacts the buyer complies with the ideology of the company: attention to detail, guarantee of perfect service, individual approach and a sincere desire to make Muscovites' life a little easier - and much tastier.

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