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Why does the law encourage abortion? Why are referrals for abortion in antenatal clinics often given out so often, and are huge sums of money invested in expanding the abortion system? Let’s look at the problem from one side, think about who is interested in women having abortions, who benefits from starting the abortion conveyor? In this case, we will not even talk about the problems of overpopulation of the planet or how to manipulate society ... The word "profitable" in this case is used in its direct meaning. The field of abortion has long been an area of ​​successful and highly profitable business, in which doctors who are inclined to abortion, and those who carry out these operations, and those who then sell magic rejuvenation products, receive money. Only ruined lives do not count. Abortion, as an operative measure, has long been transferred to the sphere of paid services, on the provision of which the premium of employees of a medical institution directly depends. In addition, increasing the production of abortion allows you to increase the flow of funds, called extrabudgetary. For the abortion as a surgical operation, the doctor is paid extra. The doctor does not receive anything for counseling women to refuse an abortion.

We are not talking about private gynecological clinics, for which abortion is a significant source of income. That is why pregnancy is often described by doctors as an undesirable disease that must be prevented by medication and treated with the operational methods of modern "medicine". The invitation to the office in the antenatal clinic often sounds like: "Patient, come in!" “I'm not sick, I'm pregnant,” a sensible woman will answer. But we are used to the opposite. Doctors are interested in reporting pregnancy and childbirth so that the patient decides to have an abortion. For them, it is more profitable than accompanying pregnancy and childbirth. But the income from abortion, in itself, fades against the backdrop of a new phenomenon in medicine - fetal therapy. Fetal therapy belongs to the category of transplantological manipulations. Nevertheless, it is fundamentally different from the methods of conventional transplantation, in which organs or dead people are transplanted, who during their lifetime did not protest against the harvesting of their organs, or voluntary donors who give their consent. The difference is that treatment with parts of the body of human embryos is preceded by preliminary killing. The basis of fetal therapy is the removal and use of fetal tissues (fetus - lat. "Fetus"), which has already formed in the womb of the mother of the child, whose life is artificially interrupted in the later stages of pregnancy. New “therapeutic” preparations are made from fetal germinal tissues (brain, sex glands, pancreas, liver, etc.). The main value for fetal therapy is stem cells extracted from infants removed from the womb. These are cells capable of unlimited reproduction and transformation into any other specialized cell of the human body. Otherwise, they are called "mother" cells. In an adult, such cells are in the bone marrow, where they are constantly transformed into blood cells. The embryo, of course, has more of them, because there is an increased growth of a small organism. Accordingly, they can be obtained in different ways: by taking from an adult (bone marrow transplantation for leukemia and other diseases), from a newly born baby (cord blood is taken after cutting the umbilical cord, which also contains stem cells) and, finally, from healthy unborn babies after an abortion.

Cells obtained in the latter way are immeasurably more expensive, since they have much greater vitality compared to cells of an adult and have more prospects for use. Although already now some scientists doubt their healing (and especially anti-aging) effect, since it is very temporary and does not lead to a complete cure. How to get material for the production of fetal products? Firstly, all of it must be obtained from healthy individuals (human or animal). Therefore, if it is a product 94 95. Save your future life of animal origin, then healthy pregnant animals are selected from the herd and slaughtered. It’s still impossible to do this with a person. Natural suppliers of such a product are abortion clinics (which are found in every antenatal clinic). Moreover, the child must be absolutely healthy, that is, an abortion is performed not at all for medical reasons. The method of preparing therapeutic suspensions from aborted children is described in detail in the G.T. Dry (patent RU (11) 2160112 (13) C1, "Method for the preparation of a cell transplant of fetal tissues": "To prepare a transplant, abortive fetuses of 17-21 weeks of fetal development weighing 150-450 g are required. Fruits without genetic anomalies and without violations are accepted skin integrity ... The fetus is thoroughly treated with a detergent solution and washed with distilled water ... Then the following organs are taken: thymus, heart, lungs, liver, spleen, mesentery, spinal cord, thyroid gland, eyes. In addition, the skin is removed from th they’re chopping organs and backs. ”Fetal medicine promises miracles to its clients such as: · optimization of weight, · rejuvenation of an aging body (fetal tissues are also used for cosmetic purposes), · slowing down aging, · restoration of mental abilities. If we consider the effects for treatment of specific diseases, then the processed "biomass" from the tissues of human bodies, from the point of view of G.T. Sukhikh, is a unique means of a wide spectrum of action: from the treatment of Down syndrome and Parkinson's disease - to Pregnancy and impotence, diseases of the nervous system, damage to the brain, kidneys.

What specific products are based on fetal tissue? (by the way, not only medical):

Rejuvenating injections. The patient is injected with a syringe into the abdomen with preparations prepared from the organs of infants aborted for this alive in the late months of pregnancy. Vaccinations from aborted babies. Some media used in vaccine manufacturing contain cells taken from the tissues of an aborted human embryo (rubella, chickenpox, smallpox, hepatitis A). Moreover, to obtain these embryonic cells, babies are required to be absolutely healthy, that is, killed at the request of the "mother."

Fetal cosmetics. Fortunately, most of the fetal cosmetics available in our stores are of animal origin. Labeling can be this: extracts of Ovar, Placenta, Cutis, Hepar, Amnion, Liquor amnii (amniotic fluid), placental proteins, proteins of fetal skin, etc. Products of human origin are labeled Human or Fetal. However, it is important to understand that manufacturers often do not indicate that in addition to products of animal origin (the use of which also clearly contradicts moral standards), human embryos can also be included (such cosmetics are much more expensive). Basically, these are cosmetic lines of Swiss, French, German and Russian manufacturers. These are cleansing lotions, and antipruritic creams, eye creams, anti-cellulite creams and even toothpastes. On some packages it says "Placenta". One of the methods for obtaining such raw materials is the use of a naturally placentated placenta (placenta) after delivery, material that no one seems to need. But, do not be fooled. If the enterprise produces products of precisely fetal origin, then the placenta will be obtained by abortion, and not at all by natural means.

Flavoring additives. A significant number of consumers do not know that many food additives are made from the cellular tissue of unborn babies, because this is not indicated on the label, it says: “natural flavors”, “artificial flavors”. For example, the biotechnology corporation Senomyx, specializes in experiments with cell lines from abortive material. It produces artificial taste enhancers based on the HEK 293 cell line (aborted baby cells, US patent 5681932, price 1 fl.- 534 euros) and supplies them to the largest food producers: Campbell soup, Kraft Foods, PepsiCo, Coca-Cola, Nestlé, Solae, Cadbury Adams LLC. These companies produce products under the brands "Nescafé", "KitKat", "Nesquik", "Extrem", "Russia - a generous soul", "Bon Pari", "Nuts", "Golden Brand", "Maggi", "Perrier" , "Friskies", "Felix", "Purina ONE", "Gourmet", "Darling" and others. The public carried out a long boycott of Pepsi-Cola products, and in 2013 received news that it was still breaking its 30 million contract with Senomyx. From the description of the types of products of the fetal industry it can be seen that they clearly fall into two categories.

The first is expensive medications. For example, one anti-aging injection costs between $ 500 and $ 2,000. Such prices determine the high profitability of this area. People who turn to such medical services understand what they are paying for, realize that someone’s life paid for their youth and health. And this is their informed choice.

But there is a second category - this includes, for example, vaccinations and flavorings. This product is either not expensive or completely free (vaccinations), and the worst thing is that people who use it usually do not even have an idea about the "technological" process. Well, which of us could have imagined that Nestlé children's breakfasts or Nuts chocolates or Bon Paris lollipops could contain cells of dead babies? People are simply deceived, left without information ... and they eat human children, while receiving the most severe karma of killing ... It is worth considering who and why such a deception is needed? Who benefits from becoming cannibals? Would any of us voluntarily, and possessing complete information, consume such products? Of course, the development of the fetal industry, "cannibalism" is a tragedy for all of humanity, but in Russia this problem is especially acute. Fetal therapy is still banned in countries of the liberal West. In particular, in the fall of 2008, the European Patent Office imposed a ban on patenting technological developments based on the isolation of human embryonic stem cells, since "such technologies ... will surely provoke strong protest in society and accusations of violating the basic principles of morality." In Russia, there is no law prohibiting the use of such techniques. Accordingly, a development center of this kind has shifted to our territories. The rampant fetal workers in the long-suffering Ukraine and Russia have already gained wide publicity at the international level. In particular, on the well-known Catholic Internet portal "Human life international (hli)", in the section devoted to the analysis of bioethical problems of modern medicine, one can see an analytical article, the title of which speaks for itself: "Experiments with fetal tissues and transplantation: biological horror chamber in Eastern Europe "(2007) (author - Brian Klous B. Clowes).

There are already more than 30 clinics related to research and production of this kind in our country. The most "successful" Russian Scientific Center for Obstetrics, Gynecology and Perinatology under the direction of G.T. Dry. The center for abortion and dismemberment of living babies was founded in Moscow by the American businessman Molnar for the treatment of foreigners and "new Russians." The head of the center G.T. Sukhoi was sadly "famous" for the whole of Russia by the fact that, starting from the 90s, he persistently promoted fetal cannibalism in the country. Initially, the fetal business developed on the basis of medical abortion material, that is, by killing sick or non-viable children. Such abortions are performed on the basis of the results of prenatal diagnosis if an infant is diagnosed with an incurable congenital malformation or anomalies of the hereditary apparatus, for example, Down syndrome (and the mother agrees to terminate the pregnancy). Typically, such abortions are performed in late pregnancy (most often in the second trimester of pregnancy). It so happened that, for example, unborn babies with Down syndrome in our country are exterminated purposefully. Their mothers are strongly advised to have an abortion, as a number of health organizers and politicians believe that in a “social state”, which is the constitution of Russia, it is permissible to spend taxpayers' money on the mass production of abortions, but spending money to help people with disabilities is " intolerable social burden. "

Of course, the diagnosis was not (and now is not) perfect, and among the patients, healthy babies died at random. According to rough estimates, when examining 200 pregnant women, 4-10 unborn children (2-5%) with chromosomal diseases, most often with Down syndrome, were detected. At the same time, at least 2 babies out of 200 examined (1%) were declared “sick” by mistake (the so-called false-positive results). And they were also sentenced to abortion, and then used as material for fetal products. That was the situation until recently. But production volumes grew, requirements for supplied abortive material, too, and customer policy changed. Manufacturing companies began to stimulate the number of abortions, without disdaining anything. Business on the victims of abortion in Russia and Ukraine is becoming the reason for the appearance of a completely unique phenomenon: among women, the profession of "man-incubator" is becoming more and more popular. These are ladies who earn their living solely by bearing a pregnancy until the time of the artificial preterm birth, in which the child should not survive. According to unofficial information, a walking incubator is paid 150-200 dollars a month throughout their pregnancy and rents a room somewhere. After an abortion, having passed a valuable fetus and placenta, a woman receives about $ 1000 and, having a rest, starts all over again. The maximum number of such pregnancies is seven, after which the "incubator" loses all reproductive ability and earns a bunch of concomitant diseases. Few of these women live to be 45 years old.

Another way to get abortion material in sufficient quantities was to bribe doctors. Now medical companies engaged in the production of fetal drugs are paying extra maternity wards for doctors for late abortion. The reason may be a suspected genetic mutation, a pathology of development, most often invented, simply because it is beneficial for doctors to kill another child. Most often, intentional “medical errors” are committed in the second trimester. Because for a short time, the material is not very suitable for the manufacture of fetal drugs, but a period of about 20 weeks is the most suitable. By the way, we say that medicine knows cases where even children born at 19 weeks survived. At 20-25 weeks, the child is an almost fully formed person. Even in official medicine, relief from a burden starting from the 22nd week is no longer called "spontaneous abortion" (that is, a miscarriage), but premature birth. A terrible pattern: with the development of fetal therapy in Russia, the number of abortions in the later stages has sharply increased.

Numerous examples of the same scheme are known: in late pregnancy - 20-25 weeks, an ultrasound scan is performed on a woman and they say that the “fetus is dead” or “pregnancy is frozen” (does not develop), or they find “fetal pathology” and persistently offer to have an abortion. Doctors can find any reason to convince a woman to take this step, comforting: “Nothing, young, the next time you give birth”, or reproaching: “Where are you the third child”, or threatening: “Too old to give birth child. " For many women, the doctor’s word is the law, and they, without even consulting with relatives, and often without even telling anything to loved ones, go in tears and fulfill the executioner's will. Using the psychological state of the pregnant woman and her sensitivity, doctors profit from someone else's grief. And it doesn’t matter to them that the pathology that they send to kill is only probable, and most likely made up. After the operation, no one will know if there really was a serious illness, or if the child was absolutely healthy and could live and please his parents. A lot of cases when women disobeyed and, despite the verdict already passed, gave birth to strong, healthy and full-fledged children.

Here are some live stories and testimonies taken from the Internet: "Natasha Semyonova was expecting a second child. As expected, she was registered in the antenatal clinic, passed countless tests. Up to three months everything was in order, the woman felt fine, the fetus developed strictly “According to the rules.” At the thirteenth week of pregnancy, Natasha began to have periodic pains. At first she did not attach any importance to this, but three days later she decided to do an ultrasound just in case. She came to the 2nd gyne from the antenatal clinic. cological hospital. ”“ To be honest, my roommates scared me very much, ”Natasha says.“ But at first I thought that they were upset because the pregnancy was terminated. Moreover, as it turned out later, one of my neighbors was losing a child This is the second time in this gynecology. I was sure that everything would be all right with me: the fact is that I had exactly the same problems in my first pregnancy, but everything went away and I gave birth normally. A few hours later Natasha was sent in the ultrasound room. 12 women sat on chairs in front of the study. Different ages, mostly in late pregnancy - from 19 to 23 weeks. The rest looked like a nightmare. “While I was waiting for an ultrasound, women came out of the office, who sat in a line in front of me and had already passed the examination,” Natasha says. “There were a total of seven people. Several women came out in tears and said that the ultrasound showed a “dead fetus." I thought I was going crazy. Then my turn came, I went in. The uzist doctor very quickly ran the apparatus over my stomach — it didn’t take a minute — and said: “Well, he’s dead from you. Do not worry much, now we will clean it, the next time you will give birth. ” - I do not believe you! said Natasha, trying to stay as calm as possible. “You're lying.” It can’t be that everyone has a dead child. I will do an ultrasound in another place. “What do you understand?” - Aesculapius was indignant. - I have been doing an ultrasound scan for thirty years. Go to the ward! “He prescribed me penicillin,” Natasha says. “And I was sure that the child was alive, and I asked my sister if penicillin would hurt - this is an antibiotic. Of course, she also yelled at me that, they say, there is nothing to be clever, do what is said. And the roommates explained that they injected penicillin before “cleaning”. That is, I was already preparing for an abortion. But Natasha was not going to get rid of the child. She called her husband, he took her from the hospital and immediately took her to the clinic at the Finacademy - for a second ultrasound examination. “Your baby is alive,” Natasha was told in the clinic. “My heart is beating ...” “I’m afraid to contact our district women's consultation, as I am sure that they will send me to an abortion. Our doctor, if a pregnant woman comes to her, for some reason always looks for a reason to send her to an abortion (too young, too old, no one needs a second child, etc.), and this is not an exaggeration, since for an abortion she takes money from a woman, and no one even gives her gifts for her pregnancy. "

“At the sixth month of pregnancy, I had a blood test for alphafetaprotein. When I came to find out the results, I was invited to the doctor’s office and said:“ Excess by a few units. This means the child will have hearing or vision impairment. I highly recommend an abortion ” "Of course, I did not begin to get rid of the baby, he was born completely healthy, without any deviations. But all the other months of pregnancy I just went crazy." “In January 2006, I became pregnant, the baby was very welcome. Even then, I knew that under no circumstances would I let anyone deprive me of the baby. In March, I was saved. They sent me to an ultrasound scan where the sentence thundered like a bolt from the blue Doctors: "For cleaning!" Pregnancy is frozen. "I didn’t look at her and didn’t believe! No! Not true! I know that he is alive. I asked to see again, but the doctor was inexorable. Then I just left the office and asked my husband to come after me. I wrote the head of the department’s statement simply left. Nobody was chasing me, probably because my husband had put on a police uniform specially. We went to a private clinic, to a very reputable doctor. They told us that the child was absolutely healthy, no deviations, and even more so, there are no signs of a frozen pregnancy. do almost 2 years. I can not imagine what would happen to me if I agreed to have an abortion. And that doctor, I sincerely wish the most serious punishment for his negligence. Therefore, dear girls, believe only your heart! "

These letters are no exclusive. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of such cases in Moscow. Experienced gynecologists also confirm these facts. “I worked for several years at the Center for Perinatology at the 29th maternity hospital,” says gynecologist Irina Klimenko. “When patients came to late abortion due to fetal pathology, it was just that the hair stood on end. A woman with a normally developing pregnancy, everything normally with the baby, there are some minor deviations that, by and large, do not affect anything. And she is sent for abortion - and even for a period of 20-25 weeks. " Igor Beloborodov, vice president of the Charity Fund for the Protection of the Family, Maternity and Childhood, comments on Natasha’s story: “Natasha’s story almost surprised me. - We are treated with such stories with depressing regularity. The scheme is the same: in late pregnancy - 20 -25 weeks, less often for a short period, a woman will get an ultrasound scan and say: “the fetus is dead,” or “the pregnancy is frozen” (does not develop), or “the pathology of the fetus.” And they persistently offer an abortion. Further depends on the woman herself: she can do this like Natasha, - that is, go to another doctor and have a second test done, or maybe have an abortion. Which, unfortunately, happens more often.

If the doctor suddenly urges you to get rid of the child, your beloved and desired, you should always think about it. If some terrible diagnoses are predicted, you should not commit rash acts, it is better to stop and consider other options. “How and where do doctors look when they diagnose“ a frozen pregnancy !?? My goddaughter was also nearly killed because of the incompetence of a gynecologist who said that the pregnancy had turned into a tumor, she had to have an abortion. But her friend went to another doctor. The child developed normally , a healthy and charming baby was born! Now the daughter of a friend is 5 years old! She couldn’t make it out of a friend up to 3 months, whether she is pregnant, or not, what period, then froze or not. She also went to another doctor who had no ultrasound and analyzes on examination said everything, and the deadline, and that pregnancy is developing well ... So it’s better to check with another doctor, and not believe unconditionally everything that you are told! Future mothers, whatever the medical lights say, your heart feels, the heart of the future mother feels better than any ultrasound and verdicts of doctors ! " It may be worth contacting another specialist, in another place. In the end, to genetics, consult with the child’s father, relatives. The worst thing in this situation is that nothing can be done with such doctors. Everyone has the right to make a mistake. And people in white coats are no exception. Hiding behind this argument, they continue to send women to abortion. Therefore, you should not go on with the doctors. The unborn baby is a living creature, and also wants to live, grow, love, and he should have such an opportunity.

Fetal therapy is a terrible threat to our children. She repeatedly provoked sharp protests from the public, including the Orthodox. For example, in the statements of the Church-Public Council (CSP) on the biomedical ethics of the Moscow Patriarchate, it is explicitly called a "kind of cannibalism" (cannibalism). The Fundamentals of the Social Concept of the Russian Orthodox Church explicitly states: "... Condemning abortion as a mortal sin, the Church cannot justify it even if someone can benefit from the destruction of a conceived human life, inevitably contributing to to the wider spread and commercialization of abortion, such a practice (even if its effectiveness, currently hypothetical, would have been scientifically proven) is an example of blatant immorality and is criminal in nature. "

Most of the spiritual people negatively characterize this phenomenon: French doctor Pierre Mantier: “Is fetal therapy acceptable? Is it permissible to use mentally disabled people, for example, with Down syndrome for the treatment of seriously ill patients? No.

  1. Fetal therapy can afford the rich.
  2. There is a danger of putting embryo production on stream to provide all those in need.
  3. Today we pump out healing fluid from the Downs, tomorrow it will be the turn for children with less serious illnesses, the day after tomorrow ... "(commenting on Mantier’s statement, we can say that it’s already reached).

Even the very idea of ​​the possibility of using fetal material by society encourages companies to continue developing and experimenting with unborn babies: in California, six-month-old embryos were immersed in cans with a high oxygen content to determine if they could breathe through the skin — the babies could not;

A study was conducted on the severed heads of 12 children born by Caesarean section, who were kept alive for several months; Ohio medical company tested the brain and hearts of 100 fetuses under a $ 300,000 pesticide exposure research contract;

in Finland, for a grant of $ 6,000,000 in an experiment with the liver, the baby was opened without painkillers, and the doctor denied the need for an anesthetic, claiming that an aborted child is just rubbish. And - quite beyond the limits: human embryos and their organs were enclosed in plastic and sold as paperweight; bags were also made from the bodies of babies; in some provinces of China, aborted children are considered a delicacy and are available only in the restaurants in the rich, and dried placenta can be purchased at a regular pharmacy. All this seems to be delirious. But how could it happen that fetal therapy has become the norm? And are we all victims who, intimidating and manipulating, are forced to kill our own children? Fetal therapy has become not just a theoretical construct, something from the realm of fantastic horrors. This is no longer the subject of abstract debate and reasoning. This is a very rude and cruel part of our reality, which, unfortunately, we must keep in mind when building interaction with this world and making decisions.

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