Harm "Instagram" for the human psyche

Time. The most valuable resource. Killing time is a very popular activity, especially among young people. At a young age, it seems that youth and life itself will last, if not forever, then at least for a very long time. But while we “kill” time, time kills us. And time, like attention, is today the most valuable resource. However, between these concepts it is possible, to some extent, to put an equal sign. The time spent on something is a certain amount of attention that we paid to a particular phenomenon in our life. Advertising is fighting for our attention, for our attention, one way or another, the people around us are fighting. But the trend is that we are giving more and more attention to social networks.

You can argue endlessly about the dangers or benefits of social networks. Someone will say that this is social and technological progress, which has greatly facilitated life. Someone will say that this is a real "time cemetery." Both those and others will be right in their own way. Going out onto the street with the shoelaces untied, you can stumble and break your nose, but this is not a reason to declare shoelaces a universal evil and prohibit them all over the world. Everything that exists in our world can be used for good. Even alcohol, which today has already squeezed out almost half of the country, can be used as a disinfectant and no more. The problem is not that there are destructive things, the problem is that we do not know how to use them.

"Intragram" - a source of depression and a "cemetery" of time

According to the research of the charity The Royal Society for Public Health, “Instagram” among all popular social networks has the most detrimental effect on the psyche of users. In February-May 2017, representatives of this organization conducted surveys of users of various social networks. The number of respondents amounted to 1479 people, and the age was from 14 to 24 years. The essence of the survey was that the participants had to answer a number of questions regarding five popular social networks. According to the survey, it was found that the least negative impact on the psyche is exerted by the social networks YouTube and Twitter, but Instagram is the most harmful for mental health.

It was also possible to find out that it is its use that often causes fixation on one’s own appearance and often - dissatisfaction with one’s appearance, and as a result - depression. In addition, the regular use of the Instagramgram is highly dependent on the gadget, associated with the fear of missing important events and news published in the Instagramgram. This is a determining factor in the development of insomnia, general anxiety, anxiety and so on.

According to the results of the survey, it was found that most of the Instagramgram users have addictive behaviors of the type of obsessive-compulsive disorder. Simply put, the constant obsessive desire to perform the same actions that for some time alleviate anxiety and anxiety. The dependence on viewing the news is formed and the need to upload your own news, write posts, publish photos and so on.

"Instagramgram" spoils the character

The very system of the Instagramgram social network device, where one of the main functions is to upload photos and show off your life for other users, leads to the formation of negative trends in the psyche, such as focusing on one’s own appearance, constantly comparing oneself with others in terms of the same appearance, lifestyle, income level and so on.

Given the fact that most users want to show themselves in the best light, watching such news can lead to feelings of inferiority and depression. Also a distinctive feature of "Instagramgram" is its special popularity among stars, celebrities and other public people. This, in turn, adversely affects the psyche of users - observing the life of public people in all details can lead to envy, attempts to imitate, live someone else's life, and so on.

Excessive use of social networks and, in particular, Instagramgram leads to social isolation. Instead of just meeting a friend, it’s much easier to have a couple of messages with him. Studies, the results of which were published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine in 2017, showed that people who spend a lot of time on social networks become more withdrawn and lose their social skills. The study participants were 7,000 people aged 19-32 years. This experiment showed that the increase in the amount of time spent in social networks is directly proportional to the growth of depressive states, feelings of loneliness, uselessness, inferiority and isolation from society.

One of the main tendencies of using the “Instagramgram” is the constant display of one’s life to others. Sometimes it takes on absolutely monstrous forms - right up to photographing every moment of your life. In addition, a kind of “arms race” arises among users - everyone seeks to prove themselves more successful, happy, and so on. And here comes the effect called "not to be, but to seem." Using the "Instagram" forces the user to create an illusion of a happy and successful life for other users. The pursuit of "likes" leads to an obsession with the idea of ​​showing oneself in the best light at all costs. And this leads to the fact that a person begins to live in a world of his own illusions.

Court against Instagram

In May 2017, a Russian company sent a complaint to Roskomnadzor demanding to ban the operation of the Instagramgram social network. The request was sent to the Moscow District Court, as the arguments the plaintiff argued that the use of this social network is extremely damaging to the psyche of the user. According to the plaintiff, the orientation of Instagramgram to uploading photos leads to the formation of inferiority, feelings of depression and loneliness, when users living a normal life see the "colorful" life of celebrities. Conversely, the demonstration of their lives by users living a richer life leads to the formation of a sense of arrogance, belonging to the elite, and so on. Also, according to the plaintiff, "Instagramgram" promotes non-traditional sexual orientation and leads to the decomposition of the moral principles of society. The plaintiff argued that this social network is addicted to "likes" and, according to him, some users even buy subscribers to get the maximum number of "likes". In addition, the plaintiff pointed out that regular use of the “Instagramgram” leads to a decrease in intelligence, problems with perception, hyper excitability and stress. The statement also stated that there are statistics on how, when trying to take an impressive selfie, users get injured and even die. Nothing is known about the further fate of this lawsuit, but, as you can see, the danger of excessive use of the "Instagram" is noticed by many.

"Instagramgram" as a tool for disseminating information

It is important to understand that everything can be used as a tool. According to statistics, a kitchen knife comes first in police reports as an instrument of crime. However, it is foolish to say that people should not be allowed to use kitchen knives. The same with social networks. Social networks are a convenient tool for disseminating information. The only problem is that most of the information disseminated is destructive. However, it is in our power to fix everything. The biggest mistake is to blame the world’s imperfection and to remain inactive. And social networks can be used both for their development and for changing the world. As you know, this is the ability to disseminate information among thousands of people at the same time.

Instead of uploading another photo at a beautiful pillar, you can lay out a recipe for a vegetarian dish. And this will allow your subscribers to think, perhaps, of a change in the type of food, because most traditionally eating people are prone to the stereotype that there is nothing more to do with vegetarianism than buckwheat and pasta.

It is thanks to social networks that global creative projects operate today, such as “Teach Good,” “Think It Yourself / Think Now,” “The Common Matter,” and so on. These projects take full advantage of the modern capabilities of social networks. There is a good eastern wisdom: "Learn to profit from evil." And social networks, the use of which today is mainly aimed at degradation, can be used with the same efficiency and speed for creation.

And "Instagram" is an excellent tool for promoting a healthy lifestyle. In the same way as some users advertise an idle lifestyle, silly entertainment, alcohol, you can promote yoga, vegetarianism, altruism, and so on. At first, such posts may not be particularly popular, but the road, as you know, will be overpowered by the traveler. And if more robust and adequate posts are flashed before the eyes of users more and more often, this will inevitably change the consciousness of the whole society. And it is important to understand that the construction of a huge city begins with the first stone. Also, from the first post, a change in the information space of a particular social network begins. And each of us can make a contribution to this. There are far more sane people in the world than we think. And if the information environment of the same “Instagramgram” begins to change in a more healthy and creative way, it will allow to radically influence the society with the help of such a seemingly destructive phenomenon as social networks. And most importantly, the use of this tool is available to almost everyone. Without leaving your home, you can share useful information with thousands of people. And on such a scale, even one post on the topic of a healthy lifestyle will certainly change the life of at least one user.

Watch the video: Marcaux - Harm (April 2020).

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