Everyday horoscope: from August 19 to August 25

Hard and good days of the coming week.

We will have an active and constructive week ahead, there will be many good periods for launching and developing projects, various tasks, including issues related to career, studies and meetings with friends.

This week should deal with issues that require a long time to implement. This is the time of consolidation of previous positions, as well as putting things in order in life and in the house. ⠀

Use the recommendations of the lunar calendar to effectively distribute time and energy throughout the week. ⠀

The best days of the week - August 19, 22 and 24

The most difficult days of the week - August 20, 23 and 25

Time is indicated in Moscow.

August 19, Monday

The week will begin actively, so today be energetic and take time for sports. This time is suitable for quickly solving issues and tasks, conducting presentations and advertising. Do not be afraid this day to approach the authorities, on issues of concern to you, contact government agencies or authorities, and also meet with friends.

It is not recommended to start long-term projects or engage in activities that threaten to drag out, sign contracts, make cash deposits, make bank payments and deal with inheritance issues.

August 20, Tuesday

Mars Day - do not forget about sports for the study of conflicts, aggression and the emergence of energy.

Yesterday's recommendations are valid, but the day is not suitable for starting new projects. Take care of current issues and complete previously begun work. Spend this day actively, today you will have enough energy to solve many problems!

August 21, Wednesday

Today is the right time to chat with friends, do creative work and household chores, shop for a home and repair an apartment. Do not make rash decisions; today you shouldn’t change something dramatically in your life.

Thursday 22 august

During the day, it is recommended to take time for sports or go on a trip. And spend the evening after 10:19 p.m. calmly, best of all for an interesting book, read a scientific journal, articles on important issues for you, or study. A lot of useful and useful information can come to you.

August 23, Friday

From 00:33 to 17:34 - an inefficient time, spend it as calmly as possible and do not plan important things. Focus on solving current problems, get creative and do not forget to pay attention to your Venus. After 17:34 a better period begins. Spend this time with friends, do household chores or take time to study.

Saturday 24 august

Today it is recommended to deal with short-term issues and projects, conduct online conferences and telephone calls. Engage in study and intellectual work. Safely start trips, travels, go on business trips.

It is not recommended to make real estate transactions, move, engage in career issues, go through interviews or switch to a new job.

Sunday, August 25th

This day is suitable for rest and reboot. Do not plan important things for it. Take care of household chores, study, repeat the material you have gone through, chat with friends and gain strength before the upcoming week.

Watch the video: Weekly Horoscope for August 19 - 25, 2019. Gregory Scott Astrology (April 2020).

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