5 actions that slow down your metabolism

Weak metabolism? This is what you are doing wrong.

We often blame our poor metabolism for the appearance of extra pounds. This argument will be even stronger than the "wide bone". For those not yet in the know, metabolism is the process by which the body converts food into energy. We need it in order to maintain normal life: exercise, breathe, circulate blood in the body and more. While you are doing all these actions, you are losing calories, and it is important that your metabolism has a good speed. It is she who will allow you to remain energetic, well-fed and slim. If the metabolic rate is slowed down, then you will find the notorious excess weight. Here are the main mistakes that lead to poor metabolism.

  1. You do not eat enough. Despite a common point of view, low calorie intake does not guarantee a good metabolism. Nutritionists advise eating five times a day in small portions so that your metabolism is fast and to eliminate the risk of overeating. So leave your thoughts on a hunger strike and focus on eating healthy foods.
  2. You avoid caffeine. The debate about the benefits and dangers of coffee, it seems, is not going to subside. But still, caffeine has the ability to speed up the metabolism and spend 100 kcal more per day than usual. Decide for yourself: plus or minus.
  3. There is little protein in your food. Studies show that a protein-rich diet increases calorie loss by 35%. So do not be afraid to eat nuts, yoghurts and fish in reasonable quantities.
  4. You avoid dairy products. We all heard that you need to exclude dairy products from the diet if you want to lose weight and reduce the size of the stomach. Yet research suggests the opposite. Milk speeds up metabolism and helps to keep fit.
  5. You avoid carbohydrates. This is one of the most common mistakes made by losing weight. If you are engaged in physical activity, you must understand that carbohydrates are an element necessary for your body, otherwise it will not be able to recover. Prefer the right carbohydrates to keep your weight normal.
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