5 rules for quick metabolism

Actions to help you balance your diet and forget about counting calories.

The use of certain foods has a positive effect on well-being and speeds up metabolism. Follow these 5 rules to improve digestion.

Consume Less Omega 6 Rich Foods

A lot of Omega-6 is found in fried foods, fast food, pastry foods, store sauces. They provoke inflammatory processes, increase cholesterol, cause allergies, depression and so on.

If you want to treat yourself to something forbidden, think about the harm to the body. These products are not just an obstacle to a perfect figure, but also to good health.

Eat more fermented foods

Products that produce lactic acid are an energy source for the body. It is recommended to use sauerkraut, miso, natural yoghurts without additives, other dairy and soaked products.

Listen to yourself

Taking care of your digestion carefully does not mean abruptly rejecting harmful products and consuming only healthy ones. Harmful must be excluded from the diet, but useful must be consumed correctly.

Our body is unique, some food systems are suitable for it, others are not. You need to listen to what your body says. If your dairy products are not digested well, find an alternative.

Add probiotics to your diet

These are beneficial bacteria necessary for the normal functioning of our digestion. About 70% of probiotics are found in dairy products. They can also be bought at the pharmacy as dietary supplements.

Avoid sweeteners

Replacing sugar with sugar substitutes can not only improve health, but also worsen. Today, more often there are scientific studies about the side effects of sweeteners.

One of them is a change in the intestinal microflora. We are talking about artificial sweeteners: saccharin, cyclamate and others. Eat fructose, which is found in berries, fruits, and honey. However, it is also impossible to abuse.

Treat nutrition with attention. Your well-being, condition of your skin, mood, etc. depend on it. If necessary, after reading the recommendations, consult with a specialist who will help you choose an individual nutrition system.

Watch the video: Dietary Guidelines : How to Speed Up the Body's Metabolism (April 2020).

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