What is autumn?

The fall season brings with it a coolness that is more relevant than ever this year. But still in the fall we are more tired than in other periods. How to cope with the autumn breakdown?

According to the traditional Chinese calendar, the fall season begins already in August: the moon and the sun enter new cycles, and changes in nature occur immediately. Here is a description of the autumn months given in one of the most ancient treatises of the Celestial Empire - "Treatise of the Yellow Emperor on the Inner": "Three months of autumn are called" definition of volume. " At this time, the amount of heavenly breathing power is limited, and the earthly breathing power is clearing up. You should go to bed early and get up early. Climbing is better with cocks. As a result, the aspirations of the will calm down. Harvest the power of consciousness and the power of breathing, and then the autumn power of breathing will be even. If you do not direct your emotions outward, then the breathing power of the lungs will be clean. This is the path that promotes harvesting and corresponds to the strength of the breath of autumn. "

From the foregoing, it becomes clear that autumn is the time for harvesting, not only literally, but also figuratively: the forces that originated in the body in the spring and grew in the summer are gathered in the fall. It is in order to help the body to collect these forces and strengthen them (after all, there is a long winter ahead), and various recommendations are given by Chinese traditional medicine doctors.

In autumn, the weather becomes cooler and drier, so at this time we need to eat antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables, for example, containing vitamins C, E, carotene, flavonoids and other nutrients - they help the body better cope with the effects of coolness. Products with antioxidant properties include cabbage, pumpkin, mango, watermelon and apricot. Products that stimulate digestion and protect the gastrointestinal tract are sweet potato, pomegranate and apple. Reduce fever and remove sputum from the body lotus root and pear.

It would seem that with the advent of autumn and the long-awaited coolness, we should experience vigor and lightness, but, on the contrary, we get tired more quickly and feel tired. The fact is that in the summer at high temperature and humidity, as well as low atmospheric pressure, our body consumes large amounts of nutrients and vitamins. With the onset of autumn, when temperature, humidity and pressure change, the body realigns itself to a new rhythm of work, and for this it needs energy and nutrients. Their consumption leads to a feeling of fatigue and a breakdown. In other words, a decrease in activity in the autumn is a natural reaction of the body to increased activity and energy consumption in the summer. A kind of protective mechanism works, and the body goes into an energy-saving mode of operation.

Therefore, to support the body in the fall, it is useful to increase the protein content of the diet: soy and white beans - a great addition to the autumn menu. Sunflower seeds, cashews, pumpkin seeds, chestnuts, pistachios, pine nuts contain fatty acids and dietary fiber, which the body needs so much at this time of year. In addition, they are rich in vitamins B6 and B12, which normalize pressure and energize.

The miraculous effects of drinks and food Disease prevention is the proper use of various foods. The action of drinks and food is due to the peculiarities of their properties, tastes, correlation with meridians, rise or decrease, replenishment or depletion of energy.

The causes of premature aging and diseases in the body are mainly found in the body itself. If the correct respiratory force (qi) is in its prime, it prevents the invasion of pathogenic respiratory force, thereby maintaining a healthy state of the body - otherwise diseases arise. Measures to strengthen the correct respiratory strength and resistance to pathogenic respiratory strength contribute to the prevention of diseases, which is very important in the system of theories of Chinese medicine.

In a broad sense, the intake of drinks and food has as its goal the prevention of disease and prolonging life. Moderate consumption and the right choice of drinks and food contribute to the enrichment of the body with nutrients, improve the functioning of internal organs, saturate respiratory and blood strength, which corresponds to the words from the treatise "Nei Ching": "Keeping the correct breathing power inside, do not allow the disease to penetrate from the outside."

In addition to the holistic concept of universal regulation and targeted enrichment of nutrients for disease prevention, Chinese medicine also reveals the specific effects of various products directly used for disease prevention. For example, onions, ginger, soya sauce, garden coriander help prevent colds; beet or cherry juice prevents measles; potion of fresh olives and white radish - diphtheria; garlic - cancer; lychee (or lychee) - stomatitis and gastritis; porridge from red radish prevents dizziness. Some products, such as garlic, destroy germs and have a virus-static effect, therefore they actively protect against diseases transmitted by airborne droplets and through the intestinal tract. Fresh hawthorn, black tea and oats reduce blood fat, thereby preventing arteriosclerosis. In addition, it is recommended to use porridge from corn for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases and porridge from coix grains: to prevent cancer.

In addition, it is worth noting that numerous modern studies indicate that all the preventive as well as healing properties of the products described by Chinese medicine have a completely scientific justification.

Carrot and Chinese Cabbage Drink

  • Half carrot
  • 100 g Chinese cabbage

Cooking method: wash, peel and finely chop the carrots, cook for several minutes. Squeeze the cooked carrots through cheesecloth. Wash the cabbage, chop and boil it too, throwing it in the water for a few minutes. Beat the carrots and cabbage in a blender until smooth.

Benefit: selenium, which is found in Chinese cabbage, is an important trace element involved in hematopoiesis, and vitamins contained in carrots provide the body with a balanced set of nutrients.

Watermelon smoothie

  • 300-400 g of watermelon pulp
  • 260 ml of soy milk
  • 4-5 cashews
  • 100 ml of water
  • 1 tbsp. a spoonful of sugar to taste

Cooking method: Separate the flesh of the watermelon and cut into slices. Cut nuts into small pieces. Place the watermelon pulp, nuts and milk in a blender, add water, sugar and mix everything.

Benefit: watermelon is a “cold” type of fruit - it cools well and quenches thirst. Cashew is rich in fatty acids and vitamin E, soy milk perfectly eliminates dryness, tones, and the flavone contained in it is a good antioxidant, in addition, it is a component of the "Yin" nature.

Pear juice with sesame seeds and soy milk

  • One middle pear
  • 240 ml sugar free soy milk
  • 2 tbsp. l sesame seeds
  • 10 g of honey

Cooking method: peel the pear, cut into slices. Together with sesame seeds and soy milk, put in a blender, whisk. Add honey.

Contraindications: individual intolerance to honey.

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