What to eat to keep warm and not to get fat

These products have a warming effect and low calorie content.

Winter was cold this year, and doctors don’t forget to remind you that diets should be postponed until better times, that before going out to the street it is advisable to eat tight, so as not to freeze on the way to work and not to fall into a snowdrift without strength. But many people care about the question, which products have a warming effect and low calorie content? How not to increase by two sizes during the winter months?

Firstly, give preference to thermally processed food. Add more steamed salads, soups, cereals and vegetables to your diet. The amount of raw vegetables and fruits is best reduced, but you should not completely get rid of them.

Secondly, prefer seasonal vegetables and fruits. Carrots, cabbage, beets, apples and the like.

  • Garnet. This is an excellent antidepressant, and given that the winter in large cities of Russia is not as picturesque as in its provincial corners, sometimes the mood can drop sharply, and here it’s not too big to overeat. Want to keep your figure in winter? Eat more pomegranates. They also improve the appearance of nails, hair and teeth due to the content of vitamin B. They also recommend eating pomegranate during frosts. You can carry a bottle of pomegranate juice with you in case of emergency cold.
  • Persimmon. Persimmon fruits are not only fabulously delicious, but also incredibly healthy, so do not miss the chance to eat them whole. Persimmon prevents aging, impaired vision, colds, and also improves heart function. Due to its high calcium content, persimmon provides good blood circulation, retaining heat in the body.
  • Citrus. Oranges and pomegranates will help withstand colds, as well as extra pounds, which tend to be deposited on the hips after the holidays.

ThirdlyYou can also warm yourself with the right spices. Add cinnamon, curry, pepper, ground ginger to your food. But mint, vanilla, fennel and coriander, on the contrary, cool, so leave them for the summer.

Fourthdrink more warming drinks. Warm milk with a spoonful of honey and cinnamon, a ginger drink with lemon juice and also honey, sea buckthorn tea. Carry a thermos to keep you warm if necessary.

Fifth, in case of a snack, keep nuts and dried fruits nearby. Dates, almonds, dried apricots, figs, cashews, walnuts will charge you with warmth and energy.

Watch the video: FullyRaw Tips to Stay Warm in Winter! (April 2020).

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