Preserve Women's Health with Yoga

Asanas complex for women's health.

A woman’s health is directly related to the level of stress in her life. The fewer experiences and nervous situations, the more female energy accumulates. Girls do not develop in stress, we will leave difficult decisions and problems for powerful men.

And women are advised to perform these asanas in order to relax the body and improve women's health.

Janu Shirshasana

This asana will invigorate your creative energy. It will also relieve tension in the body and release the negative emotions of the day.

Sit with straight legs, straighten your back. Bend the right leg at the knee, placing the foot near the left thigh. Release your gluteal muscles by pressing the sciatic bones firmly against the floor.

Raise your hands up, stretch your spine. With your back straight, start leaning forward with your body resting on your thigh. Reach the top of your head towards the foot. Do not round your back.

Upavishtha Konasana

Leaning forward with the feet wide apart will stretch the inner thigh and engage the hip joints.

Asana relieves tightness in the groin area, enhances sexuality and improves blood circulation in the muscles of the pelvic area. Regular asanas will help regulate the proper functioning of the ovaries and the menstrual cycle.

Sit with your legs wide apart. Straighten your arms up, stretch your spine and begin to lean forward. Grab your feet with your hands, gently lowering yourself with a straight back. Breathe and relax, gradually leaning a little lower.


Plow Pose - a very relaxing asana that rejuvenates the body's nervous system. Like all inverted asanas, Halasana cannot be performed during menstruation.

Lie on your back with your legs straight. Raise your legs and slowly begin to lead them behind your head. If possible, touch the floor with your socks, stretch your arms along the body, or take away also behind the head.


The shoulder stand is one of the most important yoga asanas. It is considered one of the effective exercises for rejuvenating and relaxing the nervous system.

Pose can be performed immediately from Halasana, if you put your hands on your back for support and raise your straight legs up, leaning on the shoulder girdle. Stay in the asana for as long as possible for the best effect.

Supta Virasana

Pose relieves nervous tension and soothes. Asana also softens the character, opening the heart and developing a sense of empathy. Calmness and kindness are important qualities of a woman.

Sit between your feet with your knees bent. Start to slide back slowly, first resting on your elbows. If you feel that you can go further, completely lie down with your body. Press your lower back to the floor to fully open the asana.

In the bustling modern world, the beautiful half of humanity needs to devote time to their feminine health and relax.

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