6 unexpected places to meditate

Coming to any place, think: “Where could I meditate here?”

You can (and should!) Do meditation anywhere, not just on a special pad. We offer a few unexpected, at first glance, places.

1. In the car

Meditating in a car is great - because it is usually quiet, warm, safe and comfortable there (although, of course, it depends on the area in which you parked). We recommend that you remove your shoes and slightly recline the seatback. You can hold a plaid or shawl in the car to throw it on your shoulders. This option is great for people who spend a lot of time behind the wheel. And also those who often have to wait for someone in the car (for example, children at school), and those who work in offices in which it is difficult to retire.

2. In public transport

If you often use public transport, this means that your travel time is your time for meditation. Instead of flipping your feed on Facebook, make yourself comfortable, insert headphones into your ears and / or put on dark glasses (so that the outside world does not bother you). The main thing is not to miss your stop!

3. In the temple

Find a church or temple near your place of work or study and come in when there is no service. A meditative atmosphere and silence are ensured for you, and no one will bother you.

4. In the park

If the weather is nice, it's nice to sit and meditate in the park - on a bench or directly on the grass. For maximum comfort, it is important that there is support at the back - for this you can sit with your back to a tree, for example. It is also good to avoid sunlight in the eyes - this is distracting.

5. In bookstores and libraries

Today, in many bookstores, there are places where you can sit down and read - and therefore meditate. Of course, it happens that in large stores it is crowded and noisy - then you can make a choice in favor of the library.

6. Lounges

Airport, clinic, dentist’s office, notary office - if you are sitting somewhere and waiting for someone, you can use this time for meditation.

Thus, soon, having come to any place, your first thought will be: “Where could I meditate here?”

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