6 cleansing exercises of classic yoga

Shatkarmas are an important part of Hatha Yoga practice.

The second step of yoga is Niyama, it contains five principles: Shaucha, Santosha, Tapas, Svadhyaya, Ishvara Pranidhana. Shaucha is one of the principles that is also interpreted as purity, both spiritual and physical.

To maintain cleanliness of the body, the classical texts on Hatha Yoga describe 6 exercises called Shatkarmas: Skt. sat - six; karma - action. These are six actions that are aimed at cleansing the physical body to maintain energy and harmony in the body.

Shatkarmas are an important practice of Hatha Yoga. What shatkarmas exist and what are they:


Practices are aimed at cleansing the intestines. There are also several types of dhouti - internal cleansing, dental, cardiac, anus cleansing.


Techniques for cleansing the nasal passages. There are four ways to cleanse the nose - water, floss, milk, ghee ghee.


One of the most powerful practices, which has a strong impact on the body and consciousness of a person, but not the most pleasant.

In fact, this is an enema that can be done with water - the absorption of water into the colon or with the help of air - the absorption of air.


It is the practice of focusing your eyes on one point. Trataka can be performed on external images - the flame of a candle or any fixed object and on the internal image - concentration on the chakras, a certain area of ​​the body, the inner light.

Trataka relieves eye fatigue and soothes the nervous system, but is contraindicated in some eye diseases.


The practice of contracting the internal muscles of the abdomen. Nauli eliminates digestive problems, kindles the "internal fire", massages internal organs.

Nauli can be performed from right to left, from left to right and at the same time with the middle muscles.


Breathing practice, which is aimed at awakening and raising energy in the body. It is best to perform kapalabhati in short cycles with breath-holdings.

Quickly inhale and exhale like (blacksmith) bellows. This is called kapalabhati, and it destroys all the disorders caused by Slime. Hatha Yoga Pradipika

All shatkarmas are aimed at cleansing the body in certain parts and organs of the body. Performing these exercises will avoid stagnation of energy. Practices will help harmonize the state of the body and mind.

You can try to master some of these techniques and apply them regularly in everyday life. Do not try to do all the practices at once, everything should be approached gradually and without too much fanaticism.

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