Angry words

Once, Buddha was passing through a village. One angry young man approached him and began to be rude and insult him. “You have no right to teach others,” he shouted. - You are a fraud! And as stupid as everyone! ”

Buddha is not upset. Instead, he asked the young man: "Tell me, if you buy someone a gift, and that person does not accept it, who will own the gift?"

The young man was surprised at such a strange question and answered: "He will belong to me because I bought it."

Buddha smiled and said: “That's right. The same is with your anger. If you are angry with me, and I do not become offended, then anger falls back on you. Therefore, only you yourself become unhappy, not me "All you did was hurt yourself. If you want to stop hurting yourself, you have to get rid of your anger and instead become loving."

Watch the video: Stonewall Jackson -- Angry Words (April 2020).

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