Is yoga related to religion?

"In my understanding, yoga is not related to religion. But is this a spiritual practice? Of course."

Many people believe that yoga is something like rituals that are directly related to any eastern religion. And what do experts think about this?

  • "To answer this question, we turn to the moment of yoga. From the very beginning, yoga was understood as the science of knowing oneself. It helps to understand your inner world through various techniques: meditation, asanas, pranayama, awareness, and also some rules of behavior. If under religion to understand the transcendental experience during which you get rid of the fear of death and cultivate in your existence the concepts of truth, kindness, beauty, harmony, development and holiness, then - yes, from this point of view, yoga can be called a religion, but from the point of view I have a certain ideology, dogma, belief systems - no, you can not say so, because it is not true yoga -. a special spiritual experience, which gives us access to a universal reality. " Deepak Chopra, founder of the Chopra Foundation? American writer and doctor of Indian descent.
  • "Despite the fact that in the generally accepted sense of the word yoga is not a religion, nevertheless its basic principles were laid in the foundation of almost every religion. Yoga allows you to overcome suffering and maximize your potential. In religious language, this means" find humility and find God " Harry Kravttsov, founder of the American Institute of Vini Yoga in California.
  • "We are being born. We are dying. The question is what we are doing in this gap. Yoga offers darshan - the practice of knowing reality, not just a primitive existence. Yoga teaches us to live in harmony with the external and internal world with the help of techniques that help us to realize the problems that impede this balance and reduce their number as much as possible. Is it called religion? Maybe yes, maybe no. But it’s certain that yoga is the concentration of good and beauty. " Cindy Lee, author of The Body of Yoga, Buddha Consciousness.
  • “In my understanding, yoga is not related to religion, because it includes the commandments of various religious movements - therefore it is free from any particular dogma. But is this a spiritual practice? Of course. For me this is the very ground on which love and generosity are growing - what is necessary for self-realization. " Sarah Trilize, founder of the Presence and Practice Center in Portland.
  • “There is a certain relationship between the physical and spiritual practice of yoga, which will not be what it is if you remove one of the components. It is this formula that distinguishes yoga from religion or sport. Yoga is a completely unique experience that allows you to wake up both internally and and outwardly. " Doug Schnitzpan, editor of Elivation Outdoors.

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