Why self-love is more effective than criticism

Many are still convinced that praising oneself is bad.

We often start criticizing ourselves because we are sure that this will strengthen our motivation and increase the chances of success. This behavior is reinforced by Soviet education, according to which praising oneself is bad. It is not customary to be proud of one's merits, to know one’s own worth, to morally support oneself, or rather, is considered bad form. So we live in a negative, personally buried ourselves in it.

But why does this tactic not work?

Firstly, this is a direct path to the depletion of their energy reserves. For each plan, energy is given to us - it depends on us how we will dispose of it. When we support ourselves, energy is directed towards the goal. When we criticize ourselves, energy makes up for the love we lack. We are covered with apathy, we often get sick and generally do everything through overcoming. But it is worth falling in love and accepting yourself, how to go to your plan is easy and free. Actions are performed as if by themselves.

Secondly, we begin to compare ourselves with the rest. It seems to us that the competitive effect will spur us on, will not let us relax. What is the result? Instead of listening to ourselves and becoming who we are, we turn into someone else's ridiculous copy.

As we can see, there is nothing productive in criticism and self-righteousness, it is a sure path to degradation. If you are used to achieving goals by exposing yourself to stress, try cultivating love and acceptance in the following ways:

  1. Clearly state your goal. Realize what its obvious advantages are. For example, you decide to eat right, and in order not to leave the race, you regularly look at the page in the social networks of your luxurious acquaintance - compare yourself with it, envy to maintain motivation at its peak. Instead, try to realize that proper nutrition is a wonderful goal in itself: to be healthy, beautiful, and happy.
  2. Analyze your cons. Recognize that they are (because you are a living person, and this is normal), analyze them and decide how they can be turned into pluses. Perhaps you quickly catch up with the idea, but quickly burn out? Then develop a plan on how to form a good habit and easily follow it.
  3. Allow yourself to be happy. Many people do not allow themselves to be happy - they are afraid that after this a black line will follow, they will have to pay for happiness and the like. But all this is just your perception of the world. Replace it with a more positive one and be happy. A person can and should be happy, it is useful for him, for the planet, for others. In happy periods, we are harmonious and radiate love.
  4. Do not be afraid of mistakes. Only those who do not try are not mistaken. Praise yourself for not giving up, that you continue to walk (crawl) toward the goal - this is a very noble quality.
  5. Give thanks. Myself, your life, everything that surrounds you - this practice develops awareness and opens up a source of energy.

Watch the video: LOVE YOURSELF. Positive Morning Motivation very motivational (April 2020).

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